Divine Savior Healthcare’s Emergency Department is staffed with an emergency medicine physician at all times. In the event of a serious surgical or traumatic emergency, surgical staff will be notified to provide immediate intervention.

After a rigorous certification process, Divine Savior Healthcare has once again been certified as a Level Three Trauma Center. Our emergency response team has proven beyond a doubt that we execute an organized, systematic response when faced with a critical care patient.

Additionally, this designation verifies the availability and access to specialized diagnostic tools and equipment. Anesthesiologists, blood bank access, Intensive Care Nurses and a full-service laboratory are also readily available.

All general surgeons are trained for emergency surgery situations and are ATLS certified. If the circumstance arises, you can be confident they are fully equipped to care for your emergency surgical needs. Our diverse team of surgical specialists are ready to provide critical intervention, 24 hours a day.

As a part of our Trauma Center, Divine Savior Healthcare has been equipped with a helipad in order to facilitate fast patient transfer for the most severe emergency surgical intervention. Unlike some smaller hospitals that may contract Emergency Medical Services (EMS), we have ambulatory and Emergency Medical Technicians on-site as well.

These necessary precautions can give and your loved ones confidence, knowing we are fully equipped to handle any of your emergency surgical needs.

Woman wearing a surgical mask with a heart monitor in the background