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A person’s ability to swallow can be affected in many ways. Some examples of this disorder include difficulty chewing, moving food from the mouth to the throat, squeezing it down the throat and closing off the airway so you don’t choke. Stroke, brain injury or oral cancers are several causes of swallowing problems.

Speech-language pathologists perform a swallowing evaluation in conjunction with radiology. A swallow study looks at a person’s ability to safely swallow food and liquid without it entering the airway. Based on the results of the evaluation, the clinician will recommend changes to diet textures and/or may recommend a period of therapy to improve swallowing abilities.

If you suspect that you or a family member has a swallowing impairment, you should consult a speech-language pathologist for an evaluation and appropriate recommendations.  The speech-language pathologist will counsel and educate you and your family members regarding the results of an evaluation, progress in treatment, treatment strategies and the potential impact of communication and swallowing impairments on quality of life.

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