Steve Allison, LAT

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Athletic Training


University of Steven's Point- Bachelor of Science, Sports Medicine


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd Portage


“I try to give people a good experience in rehab, make it something they didn’t expect when they set up their appointment. An experience that was positive and fun.”
-Steve Allison, LAT

Steve Allison, Licensed Athletic Trainer, is Divine Savior Healthcare’s Rehab Supervisor. His career choice was based off of personal experiences and some good advice he has remembered over the years.

“Make the best of your work that you can,” Steve tells us. “Make it fun. It’s what you will be spending most of your life doing so make sure that you enjoy it.”

Steve was introduced to the field of rehab and athletic training while participating in school sports as a youth.

“I was that typical student athlete who got injured,” he explains. “I didn’t really have any role models in the field. My eyes were just opened to the profession.”

Steve appreciates the community surrounding Divine Savior Healthcare. Outside of work he enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his horses and other outdoor activities such as riding snowmobiles and motorcycles.

“I enjoy living in a small community like Portage,” he says. “I grew up in Cable, WI. It’s a small town with a population under 200. It was quiet and peaceful. Portage has everything I grew up with- hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and great people.”