Ryan Holeon, PA-C

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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University of Wisconsin, Madison- Physician Assistant


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd, Portage, Suite 3


"The definition of success is how many people are better off because you lived."

— Ryan Holeon, PA-C


Ryan Holeon, PA-C, watched his uncle become the first person in his family to acquire a college education. Not only that, but he became a doctor, an Internal Medicine physician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Seeing this, Ryan was inspired to pursue his own interests in the medical field.

After attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison school system, Ryan graduated from the Physician Assistant Program and is now with us here in Divine Savior Healthcare's Orthopedic Surgery Department. Growing up in Wisconsin made it easy for Ryan to adapt to the Portage area. West Allis, his home town, is a much larger suburb of Milwaukee, though.

"You're not as interconnected there as you would be in a place like Portage," he says.

It is this origin which allows Ryan to truly appreciate the lighter traffic of the area as well. If not for his uncle's influence, Ryan would likely be teaching physical education at a high school. "The medical field is satisfying," Ryan says. "You have the opportunity to help people when they have encountered some of the valleys in regards to their health."

As a Physician Assistant in our Orthopedic Surgery Department, Ryan appreciates what Divine Savior Healthcare has to offer the area. "There are great medical and surgical resources available to the community without needing to drive additional distances," he says.

When he is not at work, Ryan enjoys golf, downhill skiing, volleyball, movies and spending time with his fiance.

Self-improvement books are also a passion of his, taking one in whenever the opportunity allows. "I am constantly striving to improve myself as a person," Ryan tells us. "We can all be more effective communicators, better leaders and be better at building people up."