Paula Stout, PTA

Divine Savior Hospital
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Physical Therapy


Western Technical College- LaCrosse, Physical Therapy Assistant


Divine Savior Hospital
2805 Hunters Trail Portage


“I feel that I treat my patients how I would want to be treated, or how my family should be treated. I don’t just think of them as just a patient. I think of them as someone’s mom, dad, grandparent or brother/sister.”
-Paula Stout, PTA

When a good friend sprained her ankle in high school, Paula Stout was the one who helped her take care of it so she could get back to playing basketball. Assisting others with their physical therapy needs seemed to just come naturally to her.

Paula chose to attend the Western Technical College- LaCrosse. This decision came after she was already married and a mother. Despite this, she drove 2 hours each way for her classes, all while maintaining employment. Her determination earned her a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant- and a position within Divine Savior Healthcare’s Rehabilitative Services Department.

“Don’t ever be satisfied,” Paula encourages. “You can always achieve more and do more at anything you chose to do.”

Paula enjoys her career at Divine Savior Healthcare. The satisfaction she receives seeing others improve is something worth coming to work for. Despite her efforts, she contributes the recovery to the hard work of the patient.

“It’s so rewarding to see a patient achieve their goals,” she shares.  “And to see how happy they are that they did it!”

When she is not busy helping those in our community, Paula enjoys spending time with her family.

“I enjoy anything that involves my husband and two boys,” she says. “Sports, fishing, anything.”