Kimberly Klitzke, MPT

Divine Savior Crossroads Clinic
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Physical Therapy


Carroll University, Waukesha, WI; Master of Physical Therapy


Divine Savior Crossroads Clinic
N4390 Crossroads Clinic Road, Oxford


“We each play an important role in helping the department to run smoothly and we all place patient care and patient satisfaction at the top of our priority list. On top of providing my patients with the tools they need to succeed, I also work to educate patients and colleagues as part of our marketing team.”
-Kimberly Klitzke, MPT

“Divine Savior Healthcare has top of the line health care with a friendly, compassionate staff. The rehab department, specifically, has individuals with multiple areas of interest and expertise. We all work together to meet the needs of each and every one of our patients,” Kimberly tells us.

Experiences that Kimberly encountered at the age of 13 helped her realize that physical therapists provide more than just exercise to their patients. Being a physical therapist allows you to get to know your patients by also providing moral support, guidance and compassion.

After earning her Master of Physical Therapy from private school Carroll University, Kimberly spent three years working in a private practice. She then took her position with Divine Savior Healthcare as one of our talented physical therapists.

It is apparent that Kimberly feels our area follows some of her favorite advice well: treat others as you would like to be treated.

I love the people!” Kimberly says. “Everyone is so caring and friendly- you don’t find that in the city!”

It is this exact type of atmosphere and attitude that reminds her why she chose the field of health care and this facility to practice out of.

“I love teaching people simple things that really change their lives,” Kimberly adds.

Outside of work, Kimberly enjoys baking, singing, church activities and spending time with her family. We all appreciate Kimberly’s hard work and dedication to our community and Divine Savior Healthcare. If it wasn’t for our great rehab team, we just might lose her to American Idol or Cake Boss.