Kali Shepard, OTR

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Occupational Therapy


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Master’s in Occupational Therapy


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd, Portage


"The greatest part of being an OT is guiding clients in their journey towards recovery. It's rewarding to see each new day bring about a feeling of excitement, joy and a sense of hope, because it gives clients all their reason for trying."

-Kali Shepard, OTR 


Kali Shepard, Occupational Therapist at Divine Savior Healthcare, has always had an interest in healthcare and helping those in need. She knew occupational therapy was the perfect fit for her and shares, “I get to put my creative side to use, while helping people regain their functional independence and quality of life- how rewarding is that?!”


Kali grew up in Columbus WI, a very small town just south of Portage. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she earned her Master’s Degrees in Occupational Therapy. She always thought after high school she would live the city life, but much to her surprise, she returned to Columbus after college. Being in close proximity to her family has meant the world to her and she really enjoys with the local community has to offer. 


“I love being out of the hustle and bustle of the big city life. There is such a sense of community and support when you live in a smaller town,” shares Kali. 


Kali also finds this sense of community while working at Divine Savior Healthcare and enjoys the work environment the organization offers. She states, "Just like helping my patients, I believe it is equally as important to help my coworkers. If we are not working together as a team, we cannot give our clients the best care they deserve. I come to work with an open mind and a flexible attitude to help my fellow OT’s when things get busy.”


Divine Savior offers a wide variety of treatment options and serves a very diverse population. This has encouraged Kali to expand her knowledge and skills in services she can provide. She has an interest in low vision occupational therapy and as her knowledge expands she would like to get specialty certification in this area, as she shares our vision plays a vital role in our daily occupations and meaning in life.  


If Kali were not an occupational therapist, she may have ended up being a veterinarian. "I love animals! Just like family, I believe pets can help you find meaning and joy in life,” she says. Outside of work, Kali enjoys running outdoors, camping, kayaking, gardening, crafting, going to flea markets and craft fairs and spending time with her family.