Emily Bergman, DPT

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Physical Therapy


Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Southern California


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd Portage


“I always try to make my patient smile and enjoy their therapy experience as much possible!”

-Emily Bergman, PT, DPT


Emily knew she wanted a job that involved helping other people and that has lead her to where she's at today, being a Physical Therapist at Divine Savior Healthcare. She thanks her parents and grandparents, who helped her find her way into Physical Therapy.  From their support and her dedication, Emily completed graduate school for Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California, where she also had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain.

Emily says, "The most rewarding part of my job is helping patients get back to the activities they used to enjoy doing (high level sports or even basic activities such as walking/ getting in or out of bed), and the relationships you get to build with your patients.”

Emily truly enjoys the work she does and thinks the most valuable contribution at Divine Savior Healthcare are the employees. “Everyone here is wonderful, and will always go out of their way to help you,” Emily says.

Emily grew up in Portage's neighboring town,  Baraboo, Wisconsin. She enjoys the similarities both communities have to offer.  When Emily is not working she enjoys; reading, listening to music/attending concerts, trying new things, traveling, running, and being active.

If Emily had to share advice with someone, she states, “Always be confident in yourself!"