Dr. Robert Redwood, M.D.

Divine Savior Hospital
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Emergency Medicine


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Divine Savior Hospital
Suite 1800 Emergency Entrance

 I appreciate the kindness and excellent care I received from Dr. Redwood. Dr. Redwood and his staff were very thorough and kind. I greatly appreciate their attention to detail and positive attitudes.

.Michelle P-



"My most valuable asset is drive or 'grit.' I thrive on opportunities to be tenacious and take on the biggest challenges first and head-on."

— Dr. Robert Redwood


During his education, Dr. Redwood has consistently pursued academic excellence, earning him many prestigious awards and honors in research and teaching.

His professional practice includes serving as a board-certified Med-Flight physician for UW Hospital since 2011. He completed his Emergency Medicine residency Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the summer of 2014. This residency has provided him the opportunity to reach patients as close as neighboring cities in southern Wisconsin and as far away as Black Lion Hospital in Addis Abba, Ethiopia where he spent additional time studying his discipline.

As an Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Robert Redwood believes in taking on the toughest of cases while handling them with the utmost compassion and care. "I like to be able to reassure people when we discover that their pain or concern is not due to an emergent condition, but rather something treatable of self-limited. On the other side of the coin, when someone is injured or dying, I take great pride in using my critical care skill-set to put someone on the path to wellness or save a life."

Emergency Medicine is where Dr. Redwood's passion is clearly centered, and Divine Savior Healthcare provided an impeccable opportunity for him to join an organization that aligns with his professional objectives. "High-quality pre-hospital care, engaged and informed emergency nurses, and an energetic, passionate, and well-trained team of emergency physicians" is what Dr. Redwood believes are Divine Savior's greatest assets.

Towns like Portage have a distinct appeal to Dr. Redwood. Not only giving him the opportunity to be closely involved in the care of a small community, but like Maine, where he first attended college, Portage offers a spectacle of outdoor opportunities that initially attracted him to the area.

In his free time, he avidly enjoys skiing at Cascade Mountain, hiking the bluffs of Devil's Lake, canoeing, backpacking, and spending time with his family and dog.