Dr. Ogoma Krause, M.D.

Divine Savior Portage Clinic
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Medical School: University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital

Residency: Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center in Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

Fellowship: Wayne State in Endocrinology and Metabolism  


Divine Savior Portage Clinic
2817 New Pinery Road


“It truly is a great day at work when I can work with and encourage people to achieve better management/control of their endocrine conditions.”

-Dr. Oma Krause


Divine Savior Healthcare is proud to welcome Dr. Oma Krause to our team of providers. Dr. Krause brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her area of practice, Endocrinology. She completed a residency training program in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and subsequently, a fellowship in Endocrinology at Wayne State University in Michigan, where she developed her love for all things endocrine.

Dr. Krause was born in Upstate New York and spent most of her childhood in Enugu, West Africa – a town nearly 70 times as many people of Portage, but only 4 times bigger. She was influenced by her parents, who are both university professors, to follow her dream of becoming a physician.

She shares, “They placed a very high emphasis on work ethic, education and striving to be the best you could possibly be.”

Dr. Krause strives to deliver the best patient care, and being at Divine Savior she values “that the organization cares for, is compassionate about and is dedicated specifically to the needs of the people of Portage and the surrounding areas.”

Dr. Krause is excited to be part of the Portage community and enjoys the historic focus the area has. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, as well as her extended and church families. If she was not a physician, she would enjoy her time with her children as a stay-at-home mom or become a librarian. Dr. Krause states, “Being the mother of 2 active kids does not leave much time for hobbies but reading, playing the piano and looking at historic houses/antiquing would rank high on the list.”

Dr. Krause tries to be grateful for each day and see every day as an accomplishment. The most rewarding part of her career is developing a relationship with her patients and working side by side with them as they learn to manage their Endocrine disorders.

One particular experience she shares that touched her heart, “I once took care of a 70-year-old gentleman who was referred to me for diabetes management with a longstanding history of uncontrolled diabetes and noncompliance with his medications. During my first meeting with him, he related to me his frustration with most of his previous physicians who kept pushing more medications and would never take the time to listen to his complaints. He had finally decided to stop taking all his medications at the time of our initial meeting. We spent a long time that day discussing his disease, his diet, necessary medications: mechanisms of action and side effects, his concerns and questions and at the end of the day, came up with realistic achievable steps he could take to improve his disease. Three months later, he had an A1C of < 7 with well controlled blood pressure and cholesterol levels, all because he was empowered to take charge of his health and did not feel like a mere bystander to his own healthcare.  I was honored to be a part of that process.”