Allyssia Borski, DPT

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Physical Therapy


University of Wisconsin- Madison; Doctor of Physical Therapy


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd Portage


“I attempt to treat everyone I contact during a day with unconditional positive regard.”
-Allyssia Borski, DPT

Physical Therapist Allyssia Borski has been a Wisconsin resident her entire life. She was born in Winneconne, a smaller town than Portage but one with a similar feel and population demographic.

“My parents encouraged me to do something I loved and always supported my ambitions,” Allyssia said.

Allyssia attended the University of Wisconsin- Madison for her training, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She is also certified in Dry Needling. 

Allyssia is excited to be a part of the Divine Savior Healthcare rehab team. Her contribution supports the mission of Divine Savior Healthcare and her belief that you should “be the change that you want to see in the world.”

“We offer compassionate, evidence-based rehabilitation,” Allyssia said.

Rehabilitation is no doubt difficult at times for some. Allyssia, is thankful to be a part of that process and hopes she can help along the way.

“The most rewarding part of my profession is joining a patient on the journey to recovery,” she said.

In her spare time, Allyssia likes taking advantage of the opportunities in the area.

“We have so many things to do in the outdoors,” she said. “We have cultural experiences and places to eat.”

Other activities she enjoys are sports, specifically softball and volleyball, being outdoors with her dog, and renewing old and disused items.

*LSVT BIG certified
LSVT BIG is physical therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Patients in the program experience faster walking, bigger steps, better balance and increased flexibility of the trunk.

*Dry Needling Clinician
What Is Dry Needling?