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Tivoli is located on the Divine Savior Healthcare campus ... CAMPUS MAP
2805 Hunters Trail Portage, WI 53901
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Short-term Residential Rehabilitation


Here at Renaissance, you'll find patients in the same predicament as you. People who have hit a bump in the road. Some with broken bones, a joint replacement, injuries from an accident or the lingering effects of a stroke. 

In other words, Renaissance at Tivoli is only for short-term rehabilitation. Your private room is located in a unit where other guests like you are also rehabilitating. 

Renaissance is unlike any other health care facility you've ever visited. Think of it as a health care oasis with all the services and professional staff you need to get you back on your feet - plus all of the comforts. For example,  your own private room comes already furnished with cable TV and phone. And because Renaissance is located on Portage's north side, you and your visitors will be close to shopping and restaurants and have easy access to the highway and Interstate. 

While staying at Renaissance at Tivoli, you may actually forget you are in a health care facility.


Life shouldn't stop just because you're somewhere doing what it takes to get better. That's why Tivoli has built a kind of community full of creature comforts - to keep you feeling part of the regular world. 

During your stay, take the time to enjoy our recreational touches and social activities. Take a stroll through our Piazza where you'll find everything from a post office to a bistro for a bite to eat and a salon/spa where you can get a massage or have your hair primped and trimmed.


Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapists focus on designing and delivering activity-based therapy to promote your independence in the areas of self-care, home management and community reintegration.

Physical Therapy: These caring professionals will evaluate and design a treatment program to address your limitations in physical function, mobility and safety. 

Respiratory Therapy: Meaningful respiratory therapy care does more than just deliver oxygen. Our respiratory therapists ensure proper respiratory function through services such as oxygen supplements and aerosol treatments. 

Speech-Language Pathology: Our speech pathologist will assess and treat you for your communication and comprehension disorders, cognitive difficulties and swallowing disorders. 

Dietary and Nutritional Counseling: Good nutrition is key to enjoying a good life. Our experts supervise all meals to ensure that you receive the necessary nutrition for your needs. We have registered dietitians on staff to ensure optimal care. 

Recreation Services: Recreational Rehab staff are here to engage you in events, activities and more in order to keep you active and involved. 

Registered Nurses: Residents have access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day. These nurses are available if and when you decide you require their care.

Admission and Discharge Planning: We have certified social workers available to help you make important care decisions. 


We understand that payment comes from many sources and finding your cost can often be confusing. Our goal is to help you find the appropriate community at Tivoli and figure out what the cost will be.