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The Divine Savior Healthcare rehabilitation team provides a comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation program for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The team is comprised of physical therapists with specialized certification in LSVT BIG and speech/language pathologists with certification in LSVT LOUD.



Research suggests individuals with Parkinson’s disease should begin LSVT BIG exercises before they begin to experience physical impairments. LSVT BIG techniques include intensive physical therapy that trains patients to actively monitor their own movements. The various exercises promote strength and motor learning, while also keeping the patient alert for changes in brain function.

Physical therapists teach patients to avoid inactivity by incorporating the BIG exercises into everyday activities. Adhering to these techniques leads to faster walking, bigger steps, better balance and increased flexibility of the trunk.


LSVT LOUD has been identified as the “gold standard” in treating speech disorders for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. 89% of people with Parkinson’s disease will have problems with speech early on in the disease process which, if left untreated, will progressively worsen. These symptoms include soft voice, mumbled speech, monotone speech and hoarse voice.  Because medicine and neurosurgery typically don’t help speech disorders, the most effective way to improve speech is through speech therapy.

The National Institute of Health has documented that LSVT LOUD improves vocal loudness, improves speech intelligibility, increases facial expression and raises confidence. The ability to communicate is invaluable and LSVT LOUD empowers people living with Parkinson’s to preserve that ability.


It is essential that LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD treatments are delivered by a physical therapist and speech/language pathologist certified in this method.


Time commitment

16 individual one-hour therapy sessions, four times a week for four weeks (for each therapy) 

High effort, continuous activity

The patient performs multiple repetitions of whole body exercises, while the therapist and the patient monitor the size and quality of each movement. Functional movements of limbs and vocal instruments are incorporated into daily situations.


The program moves from simple to more complex functional skills.


Therapists reinforce success with positive and insightful feedback.


Regular follow-up treatment with our certified therapists is recommended every 3-6 months to sustain motivation and adherence to home exercise programs.