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Mammograms are used to detect or rule out abnormalities of breast tissue. Screening and early detection of breast cancer is vital to successful care and recovery.

According to the National Cancer Institute, women should get a mammogram annually after the age of 40. Women who have a strong family history may require an annual mammogram prior to the age of 40. This should be discussed on an individual basis with your physician to determine your personal course of care. Diagnostic services may be recommended if any of the following are noted by your or your physician: 

  • Palpable mass 
  • Nipple retraction or discharge
  • Inflammation with or without tenderness

Though less common, men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. A mass or abnormality in your breast should be reported to your doctor, regardless of sex. 

If you still have your menstrual cycle, attempt to schedule your exam at a different time of the month so your breasts are less tender and swollen.

Mammograms can be done regardless of whether you have breast implants or not. Occasionally, a different technique or placement may be necessary to acquire a clear picture.

Do not wear powder, deodorant, perfume or lotion the day of your test. Applied products can leave shadows on your images and cause them to be more difficult to review. 



Whether you are awaiting a diagnosis due to an abnormality or merely visiting for your annual check-up, Divine Savior Healthcare has taken the sensitivity of this delicate topic into consideration. We have a special, private suite for breast care patients directly connected to our mammogram room. Here we offer private changing rooms, snacks, reading material and television while you wait.

In our private suite, you will be required to change into a gown. Though it is necessary for your breast to be X-rayed bare, our highly trained and sensitive staff will offer you the utmost modesty and privacy possible.


During the mammogram, your breasts are compressed in order to disperse the breast tissue. An X-ray is then used to examine the tissue and look for abnormalities. Women often complain that this procedure is uncomfortable, so Divine Savior Healthcare provides a new product that dramatically eases the discomfort many women feel when they get a mammogram.

The FDA-cleared foam cushion, called MammoPad®, creates a softer, more comfortable mammogram. The breast cushion is “invisible” to X-rays and does not interfere with the image quality. Additionally, MammoPads® are returned to the supplying company where they are recycled properly into other products so as not to harm the environment.

Divine Savior Healthcare Medical Imaging is proud to offer Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exams, developed  by Hologic, Inc., a worldwide leader in Women’s Health. Utilizing advanced breast tomosynthesis technology, Genius exams are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while simultaneously decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

All facilities that conduct mammograms are required to mail you your results within 30 days of the procedure.



Will the exam limit me in any way?

Normal activities can be resumed immediately following your exam. It is possible that you may have some breast tenderness afterward. Because of our clinic’s use of the MammoPad®, this is greatly reduced and likely much less than you may be accustomed to.

What are the risks associated with having an X-ray?

Some individuals express concern over the fact that X-rays, which carry a low cancer risk, are being used to check for possible cancer. The overall risk of negative effects from a mammogram is extremely low, even with repeated exams. The warning label that is required for all radiation procedures is standard and does not mean that mammograms are known to be hazardous. Overall, the amount of cancer that mammograms catch is worth it. Ultimately, the choice to be examined is yours.

What if I'm pregnant?

If you are or may be pregnant it is important to discuss this ahead of time with your doctor. At times, alternative diagnostic imaging may be suggested, such as ultrasound of the breast.

Is there financial help available?

If you or a woman you know is unable to pay for a mammogram, you may be eligible for Wisconsin’s Well Woman Program.  This program provides selected preventative health screenings such as mammograms and Pap smear tests to low-income, uninsured or underinsured women at no cost. Certain age, income and insurance guidelines apply. Call (608) 745-6405 for more information.


Medical Imaging Procedures
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time
  • Please shower the day of your exam and do not put on any perfumes, powders or deodorants on the breast or under the arms
  • If you have long hair please bring a hair tie to pull your hair back during your exam
  • When scheduling your appointment please let the scheduler know if you have implants, if you are having any breast problems, and if you have any physical disability that might make your exam difficult to perform. These appointments take longer time and we need to schedule you appropriately
  • If you have had mammograms at another facility in the past 10 years please contact that facility and have them send your prior mammograms and breast ultrasounds to:
    Divine Savior Healthcare
    Attn: Mammography
    2817 New Pinery Road
    PO Box 387
    Portage WI  53901