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Our on-site Industrial Health Services can save company expenses related to worker's compensation. Our experts will come to your job site to get to know your business and your employees.

Neither you nor your employees want on-the-job injuries and the cost and lost productivity associated with them. Injuries effect all aspects of the employee’s life and many aspects of the company. That’s why we focus on acute work injury management.

The best part of all this? Not only will your bottom line look better, but your employees will be healthier, happier and more efficient.

We can make sure that your employees have early access to a physician with a return-to-work focus. The managing physician will provide your company with up-to-date information on work abilities and restrictions, if any.

We can also help with work conditioning. This involves job-specific training in our clinic setting with the goal to return employees to full duty not only in their work, but in their personal lives as well.

We also offer work safety consultations and presentations. We would be happy to have a presence at your employee fairs or provide training for workers’ safety. 

Hopefully you’re reading this before someone has had an injury. No matter the timing, we can help to prevent work injuries with our work site assessments. We will evaluate and make recommendations to ensure your employees are working smarter, not harder. Everyone wins!

Last but not least, we provide Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE).  Using the ErgoScience system, we make sure that employees are correctly matched to their job position based on physical abilities and health limitations. A common and preventable cause of job site injuries is an employee taking on a job they are not qualified to do.


Let Divine Savior Healthcare’s Industrial Health Services help your business! We encourage you to call and inquire about our services. For a no-obligation personal consultation, contact our Health Resource Coordinator at (608) 745-6408 or send an email.