Download the Most Recent Community Health Needs Assessment Report


Divine Savior Healthcare is deeply committed to a process of continuously improving the quality of care and services provided as an integral part of the Church’s healing ministry to all.

In the spirit of our mission, Divine Savior Healthcare has taken a close look at our community to determine its needs in order to plan to meet them. We are your health care leader and we hope you continue to look to us as a resource in improving your quality of life as well as that of your family, employees, students and neighbors.

Below you will see information on the four overall goals on which we will be focused. Within those goals you will find more specific information related to what we are doing and plan to do to help address that need in our community. These goals are based on information gathered through a Special Task Force of community members, focus groups, community member interviews, health professional interviews, public health research and data. We look forward to bringing you more services and resources to help meet these health-related goals.

Visit our Community Education page to find more on the opportunities available to you through programs, classes, screenings and more. If you are seeking a partner, speaker, sponsor or resource to help you increase the wellness of our community, please contact us at (608) 742-4131 or!



For purposes of this Community Health Needs Assessment, Divine Savior Healthcare considers the 53,138 individuals that live in our primary service area in Columbia and Marquette County.

Household median income in both Columbia and Marquette County is below the state average. The primary service area is primarily Caucasian and almost exclusively rural.  The primary employers in the community are the county government and Divine Savior Healthcare. An average of 12.4% of adults are uninsured and 23.2% of children are eligible for free school lunches.

Information supplied by the Population Health Institute (PHI) provides us with the health outcomes (mortality or length of life and morbidity or quality of life) and health factors (physical environment, society and economics, clinical care and health behaviors) of each of the 72 counties in the state of Wisconsin and ranks them accordingly.




HEALTH FACTORS: 27th of 72



HEALTH FACTORS: 58th of 72

In Columbia County, based on recent county community health needs assessment, we know that the two most common causes of death were major cardiovascular diseases (diseases of the heart, heart disease) and malignant neoplasms (cancer).  Also noted was a higher than state average death rate to suicide.  In addition, Columbia County has a higher than average incidence of deaths due to diabetes and strokes.

In Marquette County, the most recent community health needs assessment showed the leading cause of death to be malignant neoplasms (cancer), followed by heart disease, accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases (strokes, aneurysms, etc.) diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, intentional self-harm and nephritis and necrosis (kidney disease).  Marquette County has been deemed a Health Professional Shortage Area and a medically underserved area by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The county has a higher than state average incidence of diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity, smoking, adults who binge drink, drug arrests and drug-related hospitalizations.



Based on the research and data collection, Divine Savior Healthcare has identified four categories of health needs: access, disease-based, wellness and prevention and miscellaneous and existing resources and strategies for addressing them.

Download the Most Recent Community Health Needs Assessment Report

Primary Care

  • Currently recruiting for new providers in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and OB/GYN
  • Exploring a rural residency training program with the UW Medical School
  • Exploring satellite clinics, especially in Marquette County

Specialty Physician Services

  • Recruiting for Internal Medicine Physicians to join our medical staff
  • Developing relationships with existing specialty practices in Madison to bring more specialties to enhance our already existing outreach provider clinic that currently includes: Cardiology, Dermatology, Neurology, ENT, Oncology, Podiatry, Ophthalmology, specialty OB/GYN and Urology.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

  • While we do not provide mental health or substance abuse services at Divine Savior Healthcare, we do recognize it as a need on our community and will work with the county or other entities in any planning efforts to improve mental health services access, particularly for the uninsured and Medicaid populations in our community.


  • While we don’t provide dental services, Divine Savior Healthcare appreciates the efforts put forth by the dental community here to provide free dental clinics for those in need.

Senior Services

  • We recently invested a great deal of resources in the opening of Tivoli, our residential care facility. Tivoli offers skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living and short term rehabilitative care.


  • Divine Savior Healthcare in the most recent year gave $1,631,774 to patients without health care coverage through our Charity Care program and will continue with the program.
  • We will to continue to offer services to assist people in locating health care coverage or assistance programs.
  • Continuation of efforts to advocate for public policy and regulatory change to improve health care access for the poor and uninsured.


  • Continue to offer cancer related prevention, education, diagnostic and therapeutic services. Exploring the possibility of an interventional radiology program.

Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular

  • Continue to offer prevention, education, diagnostic and treatment services for these illnesses.
  • Divine Savior Emergency Medical professionals will continue to lead in care of those with a cardiovascular/cerebrovascular emergency.

Diabetes, Pulmonary and Kidney Disease

  • Primary care providers will continue to care extensively for their patients with these diseases and more providers are being recruited so that we can meet the need to care for those with these medical conditions.
  • Providing a Pulmonologist on staff as well as a dialysis unit and registered dietitians.
  • Divine Savior Healthcare will continue to offer and increase offerings in exercise programs, community education efforts and workplace health initiatives to address issues related to physical activity, diet, obesity and chronic conditions.

Mental Health and Chemical Dependency

  • While we do not provide mental health or substance abuse services at Divine Savior Healthcare, we do recognize it as a need on our community and will work with the county or other entities in any planning efforts to improve mental health services access, particularly for the uninsured and Medicaid populations in our community.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Gero-Psychiatry

  • Provide memory care for those who have a need for residential care at Tivoli.
  • Recruitment of primary care providers who have a special interest and expertise in geriatrics.
  • Working with the Paquette Center to enhance access to Gero-Psychiatry services.

Chronic Low Back Pain

  • Our focus will be on exploring programs that involve nonsurgical treatment and prevention of chronic back and neck pain.

Divine Savior Healthcare is pleased to already provide many free or low cost programs to address wellness, particularly obesity, addiction, physical activity and work place wellness.  We will continue to evaluate needs for programs to address the needs of our community. We currently provide:

  • Health Screenings

  • Exercise Classes

  • Support Groups

  • Community Education

  • CPR and First Aid Training

  • Corporate Health and Wellness , including Workplace Wellness Programs


  • Local taxi services and the counties are providing service support for medical transportation for those who need it.

Translation Services

  • We currently use a service that provides phone and video translation to patients and we also have two local bi-lingual Spanish speaking translators who supplement this service for the Spanish-speaking community.

Emergency Detox

  • Divine Savior Healthcare will convene a multi-agency forum to generate approaches to this problem.