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"Making a Sound Investment"


Hearing Loss: The Problem

Did you know? 

  • 360 million people in the world live with disabling hearing loss
  • Up to 330 million people in the world suffer with chronic ear infections
  • Up to 5 out of 1000 children are born deaf or hard of hearing
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 of adults above 65 years of age have hearing loss
  • Over 1 billion people are at risk of hearing loss due to listening to music at loud volumes and for long durations
  • Children with hearing loss can have delayed language and speech development
  • Children with unaddressed hearing loss have increased rates of grade failure
  • Adults with hearing loss have a much higher unemployment rate
  • Among those who are employed, they often earn lower wages compared with the general workforce
  • Exclusion from communication can have a significant impact on everyday life, causing feelings of loneliness, isolation and frustration
  • Hearing loss is associated with early cognitive decline in older persons with hearing loss


Hearing Loss: The Good News! 

  • 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable
  • Early treatment for children and adults is key to help reduce negative consequences of a hearing loss


Preventing and Treating Hearing Loss

  • Checklist For Preventing Hearing Loss
    • Wear hearing protection such as earmuffs or earplugs
    • Limit exposure to loud sounds and environments
    • Lower the volume on devices
    • Be a noise-conscious shopper and purchase quieter toys, appliances, etc.
  • Checklist For Treating Hearing Loss
    • Take a self-test from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association
    • Make an appointment with an audiologist
    • Keep an open mind as to what your audiologist recommends
    • Be patient. It may take a number of visits to your audiologist to fine-tune your hearing aid.


Take a self-test for hearing loss.


If you have questions or concerns about hearing loss, contact the Divine Savior Healthcare Audiology Department at 608-745-5956. 


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