After your baby is born, one of our top priorities is bonding between mother and baby, and of course the rest of the family as well. We encourage skin-to-skin contact with the baby throughout your stay, and even once you go home. You will find your baby loves nothing more than snuggling skin-to-skin on their mother or father's chest. One of the other benefits of skin-to-skin is that it promotes breastfeeding success.

Closeup of an adult hand grasping a newborn's finger


Our staff is well trained to assist you and your baby in learning how to breastfeed. We also have our own Lactation Consultant who is available to assist you during and after your stay, free of charge.


We encourage “rooming in” with your infant during your stay. This means we prefer your baby remains in your room with you as much as possible during your stay. Again, this promotes bonding with your infant, as well as better breastfeeding outcomes.


Your infant’s security is a priority at the Divine Savior Birthing Center. During your stay, your baby will wear identification bands that match an identical band that will also be placed on the parents so we can always confirm that your baby belongs to you. Another security feature of our unit is an electronic security band your baby wears that will alarm and lock entrance and exit doors if removed from your baby. Our staff will discuss a few more security features upon your arrival at the Birthing Center.