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Sexual assault crimes plague the nation and affect not just individuals, but entire communities.  Here at Divine Savior we recognize that no matter our differences, we are all vulnerable to sexual violence. We are confident that by providing physical, psychological and emotional support, we can assist in the healing process of those who seek to overcome sexual violence.

The SANE program is comprised of registered nurses who have received advanced training in medical forensic examination, as well as psychological and emotional trauma.  The SANE nurse works in conjunction with law enforcement, advocacy and legal services as needed, to ensure that each individual is able to determine his or her own plan of care.


It is always important to involve a Primary Care Physician with any new or concerning changes in your physical or psychological wellness, as not all injuries or infections from an assault can be detected initially.  A SANE examination should not be used in place of a medical screening exam and it cannot be used to diagnose or treat a current medical condition. 


Divine Savior accepts most insurance companies.  If you do not have medical coverage, you may be eligible for the Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) Fund, or the Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) Fund.  Information and assistance on these programs will be provided to you at time of the exam. 


The Emergency Department provides the SANE program on an on-call basis.  For available services contact the Emergency Department at 608-745-5010 and ask for a SANE nurse.  If there is not a SANE nurse immediately available, information on available services will be provided to you.

The SANE nurses currently provide care to those over the age of 12 years.  If you have concerns or questions regarding the sexual assault of an individual under the age of 12 years, contact the Emergency Department at 608-745-5010 and information on available resources will be provided to you.

  • Physical examination
  • Collection of evidence
  • Promotion and initiation of advocacy services
  • Treatment of minor injuries and referral to Emergency Department Physician for acute injuries
  • Assistance with sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy concerns
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance with reporting the crime to law enforcement if requested (mandatory reporting for minors)