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Despite the name, occupational therapy is not just used to learn work-related skills. What it does do is help you fine-tune or re-learn tasks you need for daily activities. Yes, this may include work-related tasks but it also includes dressing, cooking, cleaning and other home-related tasks.

Divine Savior Healthcare’s occupational therapists can evaluate your home and make recommendations to accommodate your physical needs and safety. This includes assessments for those with low vision.


  • hand therapy including wrist, hands and fingers, pre/post-surgery
  • shoulder rehab- pre/post-surgery
  • elbow rehab- pre/post-surgery
  • custom splint fabrication and training, including static and dynamic splinting
  • brace/splint fitting and training
  • devices for pain, swelling and muscle training
  • manual therapy for joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • post-mastectomy care
  • pre-mastectomy education and training
  • edema issues, post-surgical or condition-related
  • grooming and dressing
  • cooking and household tasks
  • work or hobby-related activities
  • Standardized testing includes: Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota, Allen Cognitive Levels test, KELS, Cognitive Performance Test and others.
  • Includes on-the-road assessment, training and car adaptation resources in collaboration with Adaptive Experts.
  • Personalized home evaluations for those with physical limitations or low vision
  • Training to ensure safe mobility in the home
  • Personalized recommendations for assistive devices or equipment
  • Assessment of conditions such as developmental delay, autism and attention deficit disorders (ADD)
  • sensory reintegration
  • fine motor skill training
  • Including treatments for brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological disease processes
  • ensure proper equipment fit
  • training on use and features
  • guidance with technical questions/concerns

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Understanding Your Health Insurance


Understanding your health insurance options can be confusing. At Divine Savior Healthcare you can speak with Concierge Services or Prior Authorization Specialists to help ease the burden of understanding your healthcare coverage.