General Hospital Information: 608-742-4131

Billing: (608) 745-5604 (hospital)

            (608) 745-5688 (clinic) 

                    Insurance Questions: (608) 745-6239


Suite 1010, next to Hospital Registration

One call to our concierge will help you get fast, practical answers. We're here every step of the way, from finding a doctor to understanding your bill or verifying insurance coverage for a diagnostic test. Some of the many questions the concierge can answer include: I need to schedule a mammogram; where do I go? Can my elective surgery be scheduled on an outpatient basis? What hotels are near the hospital?

When you have questions, you need answers. Nothing is more important than your health – and Divine Savior Healthcare is here to help.

Concierge services are available Monday - Friday.


  • Answering questions on pricing, billing and reimbursement
  • Coordinating medical record release to assist with continuity of care
  • Assisting patients who need to see a specialist at another healthcare facility by helping gather appropriate records, test results, X-rays and other documentation
  • Assisting with payment arrangements
  • One-on-one education regarding insurance processes
  • Assisting patients with applications for medical assistance and other benefits
  • Assisting patients with prior authorizations, referrals and lists of available providers
  • Providing miscellaneous information, such as lodging, transportation and more
  • How do I choose a doctor who’s right for me?
  • Where can I get a diabetes screening?
  • Who should I call to find out if my insurance will cover a diagnostic test?
  • Where should I send my payment?
  • Can you screen my husband and I for colon cancer?
  • Where can I get the form I need to fill out?
  • How often do I need a mammogram screening?
  • Do you provide me information on pregnancy?
  • Can someone show me where my appointment is?
  • Can this surgery be scheduled on an outpatient basis?
  • Can my child be with me for this appointment?
  • Will I need someone to drive me home after surgery?
  • Who should I call to find out if my insurance will cover this procedure?
  • When do you serve food in the cafeteria?
  • After the surgery, where do I schedule my rehabilitation therapy?
  • If I have a disability can I have additional assistance?
Stroke Treatment: Time Matters 

Divine Savior has made continued investments to insure the stroke response and treatment times for our patients are the best possible and their team is excited about the opportunity to offer TeleStroke, a.k.a bedside neurology consultation, in their emergency rooms.