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At Divine Savior Healthcare, we strive to make the birthing process as comfortable and natural as mom desires. The birth of your baby is the highlight of the entire pregnancy and the beginning of a new life.

Choosing where to start is one of the most important decisions you can make.

While every woman wants to be comfortable and at ease during labor, we know how important peace of mind and safety is. Divine Savior Healthcare is pleased to say we have successfully merged comfort and safety to make a birth experience that will be positive and satisfactory for the entire family.

Our Birthing Center differs from a “traditional” hospital labor ward, focusing on the entire process of labor and the involvement of the family. The “hospital feel” is replaced with our private suites which include luxuries like therapeutic massage showers, whirlpool tubs in our labor/delivery rooms and comfortable sleeping arrangements for dad.

With this focus on family-centered care, the Divine Savior Healthcare Birthing Center provides a wide array of inpatient and outpatient services and educational opportunities. We offer everything from childbirth education and breastfeeding classes to lactation consulting.  Our comfortable, state-of-the-art labor and delivery suites ensure mother, child and the entire family feel at ease and well cared for during this exciting, eventful experience.

When it comes to bringing your bundle of joy into the world, we offer you our very best. We know that details matter when it comes to your peace of mind and happiness, which is why we even feature an infant security system and provide a celebration dinner.

To learn more about what makes Divine Savior Healthcare’s Birthing Center unique, we encourage you to explore our website. Our OB/GYNs and Family Medicine physicians with OB are some of the best in the area. 

Care provider checking the heartbeat of a newborn at the Divine Savior Healthcare birthing center

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strainComputer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain, can affect anyone who spends three or more hours a day in front of a computer, tablet, e-reader or cell phone.  Many individuals are at risk, including those who “cannot work without a computer.”  And that’s not counting the millions of children, adolescents and adults who spend many hours a day playing screen-based games or using e-readers.  The average American worker spends seven hours a day on the computer, either in the office or working from home.